Top quality developers without the top-shelf price

We connect you to expert developers in India, ready to fully support your software projects over the long-term. Stop working with a revolving door of developers and dealing with the same recurring issues with YUHIRO.

Direct Access to Talent: Connect closely with your dedicated developer via daily communication and direct collaboration.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We find the developers that fit your budget from a pool of talented individuals who never sacrifice quality.

Full Control and Visibility: You don’t just hand off your project to us, we provide complete transparency the entire time.

Top-Tier Talent Guaranteed: Only developers who meet or exceed industry standards are selected.

Benefits of YUHIRO’s full-service talent sourcing

YUHIRO connects you with top-tier Indian developers, delivering efficiency and quality at affordable rates for small to mid-sized companies. 

Cost-Effective Solutions: Cost-effective does not mean a reduction in quality. All of our dedicated Indian developers deliver industry-standard work at prices small and mid-sized companies can afford.

Direct Developer-Customer Collaboration: Our Indian developers closely work with your on-site team to create seamless collaboration built on direct communication. 

English-Speaking Management Support: When issues arise, our English-speaking management is there to provide quick and effective resolutions.

Tailored Customer Care: We tailor our proven process to your needs for optimal results, never providing cookie-cutter solutions that generate bland results. 

CEO-to-CEO Interaction: Your CEO will have direct access to our CEO. We believe communication starts on the same page at the top. 

Long-Term Collaboration: Traditional outsourcing means developers come and go, slowing down your project and diluting its quality, but our Indian developers are committed to growing long-term relationships. Everyone gets better results with long-term reliability. 

Developers that are currently in demand

How do I know I’m getting the best talent?

We know that selecting a development talent-sourcing partner is important. But YUHIRO’s clients love the quality and efficiency that far exceeds their expectations. We’re happy to answer the most common objections below, and any you don’t see listed our reps will handle during onboarding.

High Costs: Our prices are always transparent and always tailored to the most cost-effective solutions for your current needs.

Lack of Control: You always retain full control and visibility throughout the development process as you are in direct contact with the developers from day one.

Quality of Talent: We understand that you need developer talent in India not just to meet your budget, but to execute reliably at the quality you expect. YUHIRO always meticulously vets and hand-picks our developers based on their skills, experience, and cultural fit, only selecting the best matches possible.

Communication Barriers: Connecting to developers in India happens without communication barriers with help from YUHIRO. Our on-site English speakers bridge language gaps and we only hire developers with the most language proficiency from day one, because there is no replacement for effective communication. 

How we source the best Indian developer talent

Step 2: Candidate Selection

Step 1: Define Requirements

Step 3: Interviews

Step 4: Commencement

First we establish the criteria for the developer, including core competencies, experience, and communication skills.

 We sift through job postings, our extensive database, and referrals to identify potential candidates. From this pool, we'll select two to three promising profiles.

The best profiles will be send to you from which you can select suitable candidates. After that there will be interviews via phone conference, in which you can find out the competencies of the developer.

After picking your best fit we'll proceed to hire the chosen developer. They will work from our facilities in India, seamlessly integrating into your team and providing valuable support.

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Our collabration model has proven to be the most suitable one for our clients

We have understood that only a close collaboration between the developer in India and the team in your location can work. Therefore the developer will be directly working with the client.

At our office location in India, there is a point of contact for you, if there are any questions or support needed. The projects itself are managed by our clients, in direct collaboration with the developers.

Our customer support works, as we are only working with a selected number of clients.

The client is involved from right from the hiring process. This way it is ensured that the client gets developers, who are the right fit for the company.

Openness, honesty and transparency are important to us.

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