Extend Your Local Team With Developers
from India

We do this since 2012

PHP, .NET, Mobile: You name it, we have it

We helped numerous clients from Germany, Switzerland, USA and Scandinavia to find developers in India. The developers work out of our premises in Kochi, Kerala, India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work?

Ans: Developers from India have professionalized in the past years. Today it is natural to them to work with customers from Europe and North America.

How does the colloaboration work?

Ans: The past few years have shown us, that the best way to collaborate is, when the developer/ the team of our client is directly in contact with the client in India. We therefore hire the developer in the name of YUHIRO and this developer will work for your team and company exclusively.

Is there a management in India, we can approach if we have doubts or questions?

Ans: We have a management team in India which can answer any administrative requests. The development itself is done in direct collaboration with the developers.

How much does it cost?

Ans: You will be paying the salary of the developer, which is made transparent, as well as a monthly fee. The complete recruitment process is free of cost.

Can the developer come to our location?

Ans: It is a good idea to take the developer to your local place, so that they can get to know the team personally. Our clients usually take the developers for 3 to 6 weeks to their place. In many countries specific business visas can be applied for, for this purpose.

Can we ask the developer questions before we hire him/ her?

Ans: You are involved in the complete recruitment process, right from the beginning. Usually there will be phone conference, where the client can ask the developer technical questions and in some cases conduct coding tests.

How It Works

Step 1: Requirements

Together with you we set the requirements the developer should fulfill, like core competencies, experience, technology knoweldge and communication abilities.

Step 2: Selection

We use job announcements, our developer database and referalls to find suitabile developers for the opening. From those applicants we will choose two to three profiles.

Step 3: Interview

The best profiles will be sent to you for checking. After that there will be hiring interviews via phone or Skype, in which the competencies of the developers are found out.

Step 4: Start

We provide the developer for you, in our premises in Kochi, India. From now on you have an additional competent developer, which works for you and your team.

Technologies We Offer

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