10 Signs That You Are A Bad Software Developer

10 Signs That You Are A Bad Software Developer

Do you identify yourself as a bad or good software developer? Nobody wants to be known as a bad programmer, but the sad truth is that many of them are unaware of their shortcomings. Knowing what you are not good at is one of the best ways to become a good programmer.  

As long as you try to identify your faults as a software developer and are willing to learn from your mistakes, you are not a bad programmer. Especially if you are a beginner, don’t be discouraged by seeing yourself as a bad programmer because there is always room for improvement. This article will help you learn how not to be a bad software programmer and how to improve to become a good one. Read on to learn more.

Ways to Identify Them

A programmer’s work life cannot be ideal all the time. However, some programmers and those who are constantly having difficulty are successful. A good programmer needs more interest in learning new things and, consequently, more interest in developing their skills. You can use several signs to identify unprofessional developers among professional ones. It includes the following.

1. Searching Online Repeatedly for the Same Issue

Googling for the same issue repeatedly is not a good idea for programming. As a developer, you may lose a lot of time doing that because sometimes it can help improve productivity by finding the answer to your issues. Otherwise, using your prior knowledge would have been a better way to build your code. Therefore, it is not a good practice that a good programmer should adhere to.  

2. Being Unaware of the Features of Coding Platforms

Modern languages and frameworks have an awesome breadth and depth of built-in commands and features. Good programmers are expected to be aware of them, and this knowledge can only be acquired by taking it slow. If they know the commands and features of the coding platforms or have their technical reference handy, it will be easier to complete the programming without bugs and errors. 

And if they cannot get into the habit of having a hard copy of the reference on the desk next to the keyboard or having a second monitor dedicated to a browser, you, as a developer, will fail to achieve the goal of reducing the instruction code. 

3. Planning a lot of meetings

Scheduling a lot of meetings is another sign of a bad programmer. If you are well aware of your project requirements, only a few meetings will be needed. It can be done through one-to-one meetings with senior programmers or colleagues. So, plan your meetings only after making concrete progress on the code or design. 

If not, it will be considered a sign of having a weaker grasp of the underlying problem. You are wasting the other person’s time without preplanning and postprocessing and making it clear to the organisation that you are ineffective as a developer.

4. Not Being Able to Reason About Code

Understanding the purpose of the code while following its execution path is referred to as reasoning about code. You must reason about the code to be able to understand what it is doing. A programmer can practice using the IDE’s debugger to get over this deficiency. 

By constantly practising it, you can reach a point where you no longer need a debugger to follow the flow of code in your head and can do it on your own. It will make it easier to spot unused and redundant code and find bugs in existing code without starting from scratch.

5. Investing A Lot of Time in Documentation

Developers spend a lot of time on documentation to understand problems during coding. Putting the problems on paper is fine for a clear understanding. But spending time on this step for obvious or repetitive tasks is a bad sign. The fact that you ask your fellow programmers to develop a picture-perfect flow chart before writing your first line of code shows you are either incapable or unwilling to build upon what has already been done.

6. Lack of Critical Thinking

You will only notice issues that can be fixed before you even start coding if you evaluate your thoughts and search for errors in your code. Additionally, failing to review your own written code will only allow you to learn at a much slower rate through trial and error. If you have the resolve to fix and rebuild what you are working on, being aware of problems with your coding will increase your productivity.  

7. Not Interested in Constant Learning

You must be interested in the constant learning required in programming to be a good programmer. It is because coding requires a specific, evolving skill set as technology changes rapidly with regular updates. Programming might not be for you if you are not the type of person who enjoys constantly learning new things.

8. Focused Only on the Salary

Being a software developer is a lucrative career to pursue. Many companies offer good salaries for entry-level programmers. But if you are only focused on the compensation received, you will fail to be a good programmer. On the other hand, you should always invest in yourself if you want to stay strong enough in a professional environment. You can make a lot of money, but it will be challenging if you want to get rich quickly.

9. Anxious Coding

When a problem arises, developers tend to Google it to codify it and copy the code from the link that gets to them. This is known as anxious coding. The fact that they frequently copy and paste code indicates they are struggling. The major drawback of this practice is that they will need to understand what the pasted code does fully. 

And also, the code may be perfect, but it will mess up the interface and the module design. The biggest issue here is that you will only be aware of it once you sit down to create test cases for every use case or until another developer tries to use it.

10. Not Being Able to Balance Work and Life

It is not uncommon to hear software developers complain about late nights, long coding sessions, and a lack of work-life balance. They tend to spend a lot of personal time on work and fail to find space for their lives outside of work. Being a programmer requires dedication. It is a negative for a software programmer. 

In this article, we discussed the ten signs that you are a bad software developer. But the important factor is that becoming a good or bad programmer all lies within yourself. What is required is talent and an innate passion to become a good one. But if you are not interested in programming, then no mentor can help you become a great programmer. You should constantly strive to become a better programmer because you are your own worst enemy.

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