Advantages of React Native for Mobile App Development

Advantages of React Native for Mobile App Development

Recent years have seen a tremendous expansion in the mobile app development industry.A surefire way to take advantage of this exponential growth for your company is to build a mobile app. You might need help determining the best technology to use or which app to create. 

While this varies by business, using a mobile app development framework that is user-friendly, affordable, and compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms is always a good idea. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the best development tools, React Native, and explain why it makes an excellent framework for creating mobile business apps.

Why React Native?

Today, developing RN applications is a popular solution. It is built primarily on JavaScript, a web development technology. JavaScript developers can, therefore, easily create mobile apps using RN. It saves time and frees developers from having to learn complex programming languages like Objective-C and Java to create an app.

  • The same app can be developed once for one platform and reused for another because JavaScript components are based on iOS and Android components. 
  • Overall, when it comes to saving time, effort, and money for businesses, this mobile app development framework is a win-win situation.

Top Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps with React Native

We already mentioned why developers choose RN for mobile app development. Discuss its benefits and why businesses should use it to create mobile applications. The main benefits include the following list.

  • Code Reusability
  • Native Look and Feel
  • Live Reload
  • Moveable
  • Augmenting an Existing App
  • UI Focused
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Third-Party Plugins
  • Large Community Support
  • Easy to Hire Developers

1. Code Reusability

The main benefit is that it eliminates the need for developers to write different codes for Android and iOS. It adheres to the principle of “write once, launch everywhere.” The two platforms share 90% of their code, which significantly aids in accelerating and streamlining development. As a result, you can launch products more quickly and spend less time maintaining them.

2. Native Look and Feel

It combines JavaScript with native user interface components to give the app a native appearance. Components used in native development and React Native are 1:1 mapped. Additionally, because the app’s foundation is the same for iOS and Android, the look and feel of the app are also consistent between the two operating systems.

3. Live Reload

You can see and interact with changes in real time with its live reload feature. Changes to the code can be made while the app is loading, and they will automatically update the app. You can also reload a specific change area to speed up the compilation.

4. Moveable

App developers can start from scratch if they decide to switch to a different development framework in the future or if it becomes necessary. They can export the app and import it into Xcode or Android Studio. It greatly enhances the flexibility of React Native for creating mobile applications.

5. Augmenting an Existing App

React Native can help you cost-effectively augment an existing app. Without completely rewriting the app, you can add its UI components. It can be a blessing when you only want to improve an existing app without completely rewriting it.

6. UI Focused

It uses the React JavaScript library to create fast and responsive app interfaces. It employs a component-based approach and possesses powerful rendering capabilities, making it simple to create both simple and complex user interface designs.

7. Cost-Efficiency

RN allows you to reuse code, which can cut your development costs by up to 40%. The app can be developed by a single Android and iOS dev team. It has many pre-built components that speed up development even more.

8. Third-Party Plugins

Because creating an app from scratch can be expensive, it provides various third-party plugin options, including JavaScript-based and native modules. It enhances app functionality and performance by removing the need for specific web view functions.

As a result, if you want to add Google Calendar or Google Maps to your basic app, you can use React Native to link to any plugin with a Native or third-party module.

9. Large Community Support

RN was initially created in response to the demands of the developer community. It has a community-driven approach, and there are over 50,000 active contributors. The platform is constantly being developed and updated by Facebook’s engineers. 

  • The availability of such enthusiasts makes it easier to get expert assistance. 
  • Because it is an open-source platform, you can seek help from community experts or find libraries of relevant information.

10. Easy to Hire Developers

RN uses the open-source JS library because it is an open-source platform. Therefore, finding and hiring potential developers for your project will be easy for you. It is also easy to learn and provides quick access for your developers. Fortunately, an experienced development team has worked with numerous businesses to create unique mobile apps.

Apps Built with React Native

It’s not surprising that many businesses select RN to create their mobile applications, given all of the advantages. Many well-known companies use it as their framework for developing mobile applications, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Uber Eats
  • Skype
  • Pinterest
  • AirBnB
  • Discord

React Native has become a popular choice in the mobile app development industry in the few years since its release. It is a helpful framework for programmers, a promising business technology, and an acceptable solution for users. 

It offers a wide range of unique advantages. It is easier to create, provides better quality, and simulates a native app’s functionality without creating one. If you want to build a cross-platform mobile app, RN should be your first choice. However, your company’s requirements will heavily influence the technology stack you select. 

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