What are the Hourly Rates of PHP Programmers in India?

What are the Hourly Rates of PHP Programmers in India?

PHP programmers in India are renowned for providing top-notch web development services for businesses looking to give their online presence a polished appearance. Particularly if they are from India, they are always in high demand and highly preferred. It is because over 60% of developers are employed in the industry. The preference given to them has many reasons, such as their high education, strong communication skills, high-quality work, and many more. 

Accordingly, the hourly rates of the programmers in the country will depend on various factors, like their skill level and any additional skills that they possess. When hiring a PHP developer, ensure they have sufficient experience, expertise, and additional required skills. This article will discuss the rates per hour of PHP programmers in India.

Are They Paid Well?

PHP web development is considered a popular language with a promising future. Even though the language has a positive reputation, some developers have mixed feelings about it. So you would now consider the salaries they can expect when hired for web development. 

Although there are undoubtedly a lot of newer, flashier, and more interesting languages out there, it is still a reliable standard for backend web development and a skill that many employers are still looking for. The developers’ salaries or hourly rates largely depend on their experience. 

  • Companies are willing to pay more because you can handle more tasks independently and mentor younger developers if you have more experience. 
  • So a senior level developer can earn more than a  junior or entry-level programmer with little to no experience and perhaps some education under their belt. 
  • Developers who work freelance can earn quite a bit more. In the end, it all comes down to how well you can pitch your hourly rate to clients and how well you can set it.
  • An experienced developer in the country makes, on average, 6,100 EUR to 15,000 EUR annually (5–9 years of experience). 
  • A developer with 10–19 years of experience makes an average salary of 10,000 EUR to 20,0000 EUR annually.
  • Freelancer developer salaries in the country range between 5,000 EUR to 20,000 EUR with an average annual salary of 12,000 EUR.

So experienced senior developers, full stack developers, and successful developers can earn decent money. But for the average developer, the salary range may not be exciting. Also, there are many other factors other than their experience that affect the salary they earn. It also varies according to countries. In a country like India, PHP developers are far less costly when compared to those from the UK, USA, and Canada. 

India’s PHP Developers: Why Should You Hire Them?

Many questions will wander in your head when you think of being a PHP programmer. It will be like whether it’s a suitable job for you, the issue of salary, or whether it’s a good career worth pursuing. For many reasons, being a developer in the country or outsourcing development to the country is worth considering. It includes:

  • The technical expertise and knowledge base of Indian developers are very strong.
  • Young developers deeply understand development prospects and trending technologies and can easily match international development standards with in-depth training.
  • Outsourcing developers from the country can reduce your development costs by up to 75% while providing high-quality solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.
  • They take extra care to deliver web development projects on time, every time while maintaining the highest quality.
  • The services provided can be reliable, and you can maintain a trustworthy relationship with the developers or the outsourcing company. 
  • You can select an Indian web development company and hire specialised developers to get dependable, dynamic, and scalable development solutions to improve your business.
  • There will be flexibility in hiring, an open-to-listen work culture, and timezone matching when you hire developers from the country. 
  • Most professionals are skilled communicators used to having easy conversations with clients worldwide. 
  • The developers will hear your concerns, hold fruitful discussions, and deliver the highest-quality solutions.
  • They have strong work ethics, transparency, and commitment while providing high-quality services.
  • The developers will provide complementary support and after-delivery solutions in the country. 

Given the above-discussed factors, you may have a good idea why you should choose Indian developers. They can empower your business with advanced development tactics and feature-rich solutions. You can achieve a seamless user experience with PHP by researching properly, contacting a dedicated team, and handing over the project. 

Hourly Rates of PHP Programmers in India

As we discussed in the above sections, other than the experience the developers have, there are many other factors to consider. Depending on the engagement model they choose, the length and complexity of the project, the developer’s technical skill, their education qualifications, the training they receive once hired, and so forth, rates can differ. Here are the rates charged per hour for the development services.

  • A basic back-end developer can earn about 18 EUR to 40 EUR per hour.
  • A middle-level developer can earn in the range of 27 EUR to 36 EUR per hour.
  • Full stack developers can earn in the range of 36 EUR to 45 EUR per hour.
  • An experienced freelancer can earn between 15 EUR to 47 EUR.

Finding the right developer for the job is easier if you know what to look for among the many developers in India. The traditional way to recruit PHP developers is to hire a recruiting agent. Online forums such as Stack Overflow and GitHub are also good places to post job openings. 

It is true that PHP is known for having a lower salary compared to other programming languages. But remember that as you grow, it will only get better. So this article would have given you an understanding of the hourly rates of the programmers, where to find them, and why you should hire them from a country like India.  

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