Why are C++ Developers Still in Demand?

Why are C++ Developers Still in Demand?

“C with classes,” as it was initially known, has always been a trustworthy and powerful programming language since it came onto the scene in 1985. It is an object-oriented and imperative programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. It eventually became a language that gives programmers all the tools they need to design a program that follows OOP concepts. It is well known for its speed, efficiency, and versatility. 

Unfortunately, many newbies in the programming world believe it is a dead language, but it’s not. There are many reasons why its developers are in demand and why it’s worth learning. Here, we will talk about why they are still relevant and useful and why they will remain so for a long time.

Top 5 Reasons for the Continued Demand

It is now one of the most popular computer languages, with numerous applications. Its developers are frequently overlooked and mistakenly believed to be extinct, despite the fact that there are exciting career paths available in web development, Python, and Java. 

It’s important to understand that it is not a dead language and will never go out of use in programming. Check out the key reasons why C++ programmers remain in high demand. 

  • Career Opportunities
  • Enterprise Demand
  • High Salary Packages
  • Great Community Support
  • A Better Understanding of Other Programming Languages 

1. Career Opportunities

Many programming languages are thought to have their roots in C++. It is probably familiar to every successful programmer or software developer. These programmers are needed for a wide variety of jobs. Because of their versatility, software, game, and backend developers, analysts are in high demand for C++ programmers.

  • It is the fourth most popular language in the world, according to the TIOBE index for 2022. Due to its age and a large amount of existing code written, there are many career and job opportunities for such programmers.
  • Developer professionals can find work in various fields, such as finance, application development, game development, virtual reality, etc. 
  • It is most frequently used for creating complex software infrastructure and resource-constrained applications.

2. Enterprise Demand

Due to its exceptional dependability, performance, and versatility, the programming language is still in demand. It is widely used in the creation of video games. Several well-known video game companies use the C++-based Unity Engine, PhyreEngine, and Unreal Engines. It is due to the speed, memory management, and abundance of libraries capable of producing sophisticated graphics.

  • Mozilla Firefox, Adobe software, Chromium-based web browsers, Microsoft Office, and MySQL are all made with it. 
  • Programmers use it to create operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS. 
  • The developers are therefore highly sought after to create and maintain various C++-based enterprises. 

3. High Salary Packages

Its developers are in high demand and have access to some of the highest-paying jobs in the industry. Reputable companies like Facebook, Google, and others are in demand for them, and these companies pay them handsome salaries to work on their products.

  • A developer’s average salary in India is 9,385.35 EUR, while their average salary in the United States is 117,475.85 EUR. 
  • Different organizations typically pay differently for entry-level and experienced programmers.

Because learning the C plus plus programming language takes time, the starting pay for a developer is average in the early years. The salary package increases quickly after 3 to 4 years of experience. Your income as a programmer will depend on your skills, qualifications, and expertise.

4. Great Community Support

Due to its age and popularity, the programming language has a large developer community. Most developers use it around the globe. It means it will be easier for them to learn and clear their doubts using the available resources. This learners’ community keeps them updated on the programming trends. Experts are working on various platforms to create resources for the programming language. 

Such great community support is one of the reasons why they are still in demand. It also comes with a wide range of libraries that they can use to develop more efficient programs by leveraging built-in containers, hashmaps, heaps, and other features built into the tool.

5. A Better Understanding of Other Programming Languages 

It is an intermediate-level language that will help you learn programming structures. Because everything in the language must be written, declared, and explained in the source code, you gain a deeper understanding of every program component. 

  • The similar syntax of C, C++, and Java makes it easy to learn other languages.
  • Once you have learned this programming language, other languages will be easy for you to learn, as your foundation will become strong, leading to better career prospects. 

Thus, proficient programmers can easily learn other programming languages, such as Java. It will help them build their career to the next level, leading them to a more successful life as programmers. 

Future of C++ Developers

They have a bright future because the language is constantly evolving to meet ever-changing computational requirements. Despite competition from Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, and Apple’s Swift, this general-purpose programming language has become the backbone for software development companies worldwide. 

  • Programming in C plus plus allows the programmers to think and code at a high level of abstraction and, when necessary, to get close to the machine.
  • No other programming language can match this special combination of features, which is a big factor in why the programming language and its developers are still widely used in the application development industry.

You will now understand why C++ developers are in high demand because of the community’s support, career opportunities, high salary packages, etc. Learning a language like this will provide you with numerous opportunities as a developer in the future. 

The programmers can be sure that they will be on a great career path with a good salary if they pursue a career as a developer. Even if you don’t intend to work as a C++ developer, you should still list it on your CV because it’s a great programming language.

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