Why is India the destination for WordPress development?

Why is India the destination for WordPress development?

In the last decade, India has seen many drastic changes. Businesses from all over the world are looking to the country to get their web design projects done. The government is also encouraging and taking initiatives to grow website development. That is why it is becoming the destination of WordPress developers.

With teams of talented developers and designers, many Indian businesses that specialize in WordPress development can create scalable, dependable, and efficient websites. Let’s take a closer look at this topic. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Indian WP Development

We will learn more about the reasons why global leaders are outsourcing to India in the following section. With regard to WP, it has expanded greatly over time. This open source software is no longer just for blogs; it can also be used to make websites and applications. Check out these five solid reasons why you should choose the country for WordPress development.

  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Technical Expertise
  • Increased Productivity
  • Stable Government Policies
  • Communication Model

1. Cost-Efficiency

India is the most popular outsourcing destination, largely because of the cheap labor. While it is true that services are offered at low costs, the quality is not sacrificed in the process. Given the employment laws, infrastructure, and other payment policies, setting up an in-house team for international clients will be difficult. 

  • Compared to their counterparts in other nations, developers typically charge less. 
  • It makes hiring them a fantastic choice for companies on a tight budget.

2. Technical Expertise

When it comes to India, one has access to the best talent pool. They not only possess the necessary technical proficiency with the most recent technologies, but also the ability to work proficiently with particular tools. 

  • By outsourcing business tasks, global clients can benefit from working with top talent who are familiar with the latest tools and technologies. 
  • The developers are well-versed in WP, the content management system. 
  • It is one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS), and they are well-known for their CMS expertise.

3. Increased Productivity

The production rate can increase significantly for international companies that outsource to India. Organizations can benefit from round-the-clock support due to the time zone difference, which gives them the advantage of the quickest time to market. The developers have a great track record. You can count on them to work diligently to finish your project on schedule and within your projected budget when you hire them.

4. Stable Government Policies

Most international companies prefer India for outsourcing because of its flexible and open government policies in the IT sector. The country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Here are some facts to support the account,

  • 51% of the GDP comes from the service sector.
  • The infrastructure sector received a significant boost from privatization policies.
  • Even 100 percent foreign equity is now permitted by the government.

5. Communication Model

In general, clients expect their service providers to keep open lines of communication throughout the course of a project. The majority of the time, when businesses outsource, they run into linguistic etiquette problems. The country cannot be disregarded as a partner in outsourcing because it has one of the largest populations of English speakers.

Future of WordPress Developers in India

The developers will have many career options in the future due to the addition of numerous new features and the rising demand for software built on this platform. As a result, we’ve outlined some of the main opportunities that this platform will provide eager developers.

  • Most Popular Content Management System
  • New and Advanced WordPress Plugins
  • Using WordPress as a backend service for mobile apps

1. Most Popular Content Management System

As a content management tool it helps to create, delete, and even update the website’s contents and other facts. With this, no other special tools will be required, like any backend development tool, a frontend HTML-based tool, and so on. 

It will definitely avoid the cumbersome and time killing process of coding. Here, you can write the posts easily and even edit the texts, like making the headers bold, dividing existing content into paragraphs, adding bullets, and more.

2. New and Advanced WordPress Plugins

New and advanced themes and plugins are regularly introduced to developers, making it easier to choose them and create visually appealing websites. Because WP plugins are essential for proper website development, the platform will soon debut a number of cutting-edge features. These plugins give developers the ability to:

  • extend the functionality of websites in accordance with the needs
  • create and include backlinks in the content.
  • Plugins provide websites and other third-party integrated apps with a higher level of security.
  • A seamless communication can be orchestrated with the aid of the plugins. 

More new developments will be made as the demand for plugins increases, ensuring that the platform can be used for extending various functionalities and optimizing the overall performance of the website. 

3. Using WordPress as a backend service for mobile apps

Because mobile websites and apps account for approximately 52.2% of traffic, most businesses must now implement mobile-based software units. Businesses will benefit from increased customer traffic, sales, conversion rates, and other factors as a result. 

For this reason, WordPress is a backend service that can be used to create mobile applications. To create the applications, the AppPresser framework is used, and it is the only one that allows it to assist in the development of all mobile app features. 

You should now understand why India is the preferred location for WordPress development. It has become the center of web creation over the last few decades, and this trend will continue. There are numerous other factors contributing to the high demand for developers from the subcontinent. 

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