Hire Android Developers from India

Hire Android Developers from India

How to hire Android Experts in India

India is the producer of a huge number of quality Android apps that exceed 1 million downloads on the Play Store. Some examples are below:

  • Goibibo: Hotel, flight and bus booking app with over 1 million downloads.
  • Cleartrip: Flight, bus and hotel booking app with over 1 million downloads.
  • MakeMyTrip: Hotel, flight and bus booking app with over 1 million downloads.
  • Ixigo: Indian railways information app with over 1 million downloads.
  • redBus: Bus reservation and ticketing app with over 1 million downloads.
  • Hungama: Songs app with over 1 million downloads.
  • Gaana: Music streaming app with over 1 million downloads.
  • Saavn: Music streaming app with over 5 million downloads.

And the list goes on, but the point is that because of Google’s open source IDE Android Studio, it is extremely easy for anyone to do some study and start making an Android app. For a country like India, it is a blessing, because software engineers are looking for a chance to launch something under their own name instead of being tied to a corporate entity. That is why India has a huge number of Android developers that are well capable of making any corporate level app, because in all honesty, independent apps contain more challenges than mainstream corporate apps.

Android Means Freedom

When a web applications developer creates an app, he needs to think about hosting, DevOps, SEO, deployment, continuous integration and many similar concerns. But an independent Android developer is freed from all this worry. Yet, it is easier for an Android developer to generate funds than the web applications developer. Not that there is a difference in the “amount” of generated funds, but the “process” of generating funds for an Android developer is a lot smoother than for a web application developer.

Overall, deploying an app on the Play Store takes a lot less time than launching a web application. This gives developers a degree of freedom and convenience. You, the client, can benefit from that convenience by getting into the market, a lot faster than your competition. Indian Android developers are the answer to your needs.

Fast Deployment

Nowadays, speed of deployment and app updates could mean life or death for an Android app. There were many instances where apps were launched a week later than their competition, and they kept sitting in the App Store without any downloads.

So, to get ahead in the competition, companies need to hire smart Android developers who know what they’re doing. They should know when to take which approach to Android app development. Each approach has its pros and cons.

Two such approaches are:

  1. Native App Development
  2. Hybrid App Development

Stakeholders should ignore all “native vs hybrid” blogs and keep just one thing in mind:

Native apps are much better in quality, but require a lot more time for development.

Hybrid apps are developed much faster than native apps, but compromise quality.

So it boils down to the client’s requirements. And if the client knows exactly what is required, then the app is a success wither way.

The Indian Android developers in our database, are experts at either native and hybrid app development. So they help the client with whatever approach they choose.

In fact, nowadays the React Native JavaScript library is picking up a lot of traction, and a significant percentage of Android developers on our system are in fact React Native developers. What exactly is “React Native” you ask. Well, it is a wonderful piece of technology from Facebook. As you might already know that React is a great JavaScript library that enables developers program dynamic web applications. React Native is the React counterpart for mobile. It is basically a mobile user interface library that has one distinctive feature. It doesn’t make a purely hybrid app. It actually helps generate Java code so that web-views are avoided. What this basically means is that Java and React Native code can be mixed together so that developers could take the easy way most of the time, but when a native function needs to be called, the developer could start writing Java code right in the middle of the React Native block.

Developer Assessment

If you opt to hire Android developers from India, we could provide the name of apps that each prospective developer has in the App Store. That is probably the best way to assess Android developers, because nothing speaks louder than the work of app developers. Unlike other kind of developers, Android developers don’t need to go through rigorous testing and long interview sessions. We will provide a list of Android developers according to your required level of experience, and that list would contain references to the most successful  apps of each respective developer.

If you want to go through the Indian Android developer profiles yourself, we can arrange a session where you could compare Android developer skills and also observe the kind of apps they have worked on, so that you could select the developers who have worked on apps, that more or less, resemble your target project.

Team Building

When you finalize your Android developers, we will provide them a place to work, and the required hardware and software. However, usually, with full-fledged app projects, there is separate requirement of back-end developers that design and develop the server-side part of the app. These developers are also available on our system, and we will help you hire back-end developers of equal competency level, and ultimately, after finalization, arrange your Android and back-end developers to share an office space so that their communication is uninterrupted.

We can also hire project managers that supervise the project progress and help keep Android developers and back-end developers on the same page. The project managers are usually also experts at software QA, so all black-box and various other quality testing reports can be shared with the client and discussed with the team.

We also have HR personnel who take keen interest in how well the different team members are getting along with each other, the client, and the team members.

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