Hire Ruby on Rails Developers from India

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers from India

Ruby on Rails Development India

The Ruby programming language is very famous and highly adapted in south Asia. Significant programmer preference is seen for Ruby because of its short learning curve, dynamic nature, and support for multiple programming paradigms.

Why Ruby

  • Dynamic Nature: Ruby is an interpreted language. Nowadays the best web-development languages that compete for the top spot are all interpreted. But a very important feature that most languages boast, is being dynamic. Many top-notch web-development languages are dynamic, which means, they resolve variable types during interpretation. This is a critical requirement to get right. For instance, JavaScript is continually bashed for its dynamic behavior because it often does unexpected things. Ruby, in contrast, has excellent type-handling mechanisms, which is one of the reasons its so famous.
  • Reflective Interpretation: Apart from being dynamic, Ruby is also “reflective”, which is a fancy term for “self-checking” during compilation or interpretation. During this self-checking session, Ruby modifies part of the program code to allow for better performance or better program structure. Although almost all modern web-development languages have some sort of Reflection library, Ruby has built-in support for Reflection.
  • Centralized Package Management: Ruby has a centralized package management system called Ruby Gems. It contains millions of packages that solve almost all problems a Ruby programmer could come up with. And if someone creates a new solution, they could easily upload it to Ruby Gems for other to use. Gems make programmers life very easy, and it is one of the main reasons people get up and running with Ruby so fast.
  • Flexible Syntax:  The overall syntax of Ruby is very intuitive, and people find it extremely easy to adapt to. The Ruby syntax is also quite flexible.  For instance, to end a statement, a simple line-break is adequate, however, Ruby allows using semicolons to mark the end of statements, like many other languages, so that habitual semicolons don’t cause problems. Same goes for the use of Sigil, but there is a little context there.
  • Philosophy: The creator of Ruby had a very specific requirement in mind, when he was first designing the language. He was tired of working with programming languages that were more focused on how the computer would feel about a certain piece of code, as opposed to how a programmer might feel. He always thought that programming languages were designed keeping CPU performance in mind, but they completely ignored how the programmer would feel while writing that code. So he created a language that is fun to code. That philosophy definitely holds true for the language because it has huge enjoyment value for programmers, much like Python.

Why Rails

“Rails” or famously “Ruby on Rails” is a web development framework for the Ruby language. Over the past 15 years or so, the Rails framework has been used in many monolithic web projects. Some of the most prominent are:

  1. Zendesk
  2. Highrise
  3. Square
  4. Cookpad
  5. Hulu
  6. SoundCloud
  7. Twitch
  8. Airbnb
  9. Shopify
  10. Github
  11. Basecamp

These companies provide some of the most complex and high-volume cloud services on the internet today. The fact that the driving force behind those services is Ruby on Rails, affirms the amount of hard work put into fine-tuning and evolving the framework according to modern web standards.

Ruby on Rails comes with everything a web back-end project might need. Like database drivers, routing skeleton, authentication libraries and so much more. So selecting Ruby on Rails for a web project of any kind, is a good idea, especially since getting started in it is so easy. If a programmer employee is good at any web language, bringing him/her to Ruby would hardly require a week. So ultimately, Ruby on Rails helps the client avoid new hiring.

Ruby on Rails Developers in India

In the open market in India, Ruby on Rails developers are not very common, and it might be a little hard to find good resources on this framework. But that is why our IT outsourcing service is populated to the extent that it gets very easy to start assessing Ruby on Rails resources easily. We have hundreds of Ruby developers who have worked on a multitude of very professional projects, using modern project management and version management tools. If you go though our database, you will find a very wide range of experiences regarding Ruby on Rails. According to your budget you could hire fresh to expert level programmers to work on your project.

You might be wondering how exactly you would go through the assessment process. Well, it actually depends entirely on you. You could select programmers of your choice by going through our database, one professional at a time, or you could let us find the right candidates for you. You could interview the most suitable candidates, or let us interview them for you. The whole process is as quick, or as elaborate as you desire.

Once you do finalize your Ruby on Rails developers, we will start their payroll and provide them with suitable computer hardware, and a place to start their work. Their salary, leaves, medical and other facilities are entirely our responsibility. Whereas, the amount of your involvement in your project, is entirely up to you. If you want to be the only directing authority for your hired Ruby on Rails developers in India, we will not get in the way of your communication. But if you want some experienced project managers, we are more than happy to provide them as well.

Most of the Indian Ruby on Rails developers are up to date with the latest tools. In most cases they have already worked with different versions of Ruby on Rails, as well as with project management tools like Attlassian and version management tools like Git and Subversion.

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