Hire Node.JS Developers from India

Hire Node.JS Developers from India

Node.JS Development in India

For a very long time PHP held the top position in the world of server-side languages. There are many other languages that still compete for the top spot, but PHP found fame that its competitors didn’t. Following are some of the languages that serve as back-end languages for web applications:

  1. PHP
  2. Python
  3. Perl
  4. GoLang
  5. Node.JS
  6. Java
  7. Erlang

Among these languages Node.JS is not exactly a language, it is a framework, which basically enables the JavaScript language to execute on the server just like PHP. The difference between PHP and Node.JS is that Node.JS has built-in support for concurrency. PHP supports concurrency through libraries and GoLang also has built-in support for concurrency, but what makes Node.JS more attractive than other server-side languages, is the fact that it is completely powered by JavaScript, moreover, it implements event-based programming just like browser-based JavaScript. This allows all kinds of web-developers to quickly start adapting the basics of Node.JS, because the syntax is already familiar.


The main reason Node.JS rose to fame despite its immature community and early development releases, was game-changing performance. Even now, PHP cannot quite catch up to  the level of I/O speed that Node.JS demonstrates. This performance is dominant even if Node.JS is used with a reverse-proxy like Nginx or Apache.

I/O access speed is a huge factor when making API applications, and that arena is where Node.JS truly shines. There are many successful API frameworks for Node.JS, like LoopBack.io. However, there is an increasing trend of businesses considering Node.JS as the main back-end, even for their web front-ends.  For that purpose too, there are countless frameworks that businesses have started to use. The foremost is Express.JS, that provides a full-fledged scaffolding for a project that aims to serve web as well as mobile through its routing structure.

Level of Expertise

Although Node.JS uses a language that is familiar to most web-developers, the concepts that it encompasses, are not that easy to grasp. Becoming a Node.JS back-end developer is not really an easy task for, say, a JavaScript front-end developer. The developer has to fully understand how Node.JS pretends to be concurrent, and how to take control of operations that are being executed in parallel. Because if these concepts are not understood, parallel operations could attempt writing to the same file, or the same document in a NoSQL store. So there is definitely some experience required to write an efficient and flawless Node.JS application.

In India, there is an increasing trend of shifting the server-side code to Node.JS from PHP or Python. This trend is due to the fact that many huge software service providers have successfully shifted to Node.JS with nothing but praises for the technology. This caused back-end developers from various backgrounds to start learning Node.JS and experimenting with it in new projects.

We maintain an elaborate database of Indian developers who have one or more Node.JS projects under their belts. Since Node.JS has only begun to pick up traction in big-scale corporate projects, we don’t have developers having years and years of Node.JS experience (like PHP), but we have Node.JS developers who can achieve anything that a PHP or Java developer can achieve on a web back-end, probably because these Node.JS developers were in fact PHP or Java developers previously.

Because there is a lot of haze in the profiles of Node.JS developers, extra effort needs to be put into the screening process. That’s where our HR experts come in. All you need to do is explain the nature of your target project or future target projects, and our HR experts will prepare a target developer profile. We then compare that model profile with all Node.JS developer profiles that we have in our system, and all close matches will be presented to you as shortlisted candidates.

Then its up to you to interview them, test them, or let us assess them. You can finalize the Node.JS developers yourself, or you can go through our reports and finalize our suggested candidates. In both cases, you end up with Node.JS developers, that are ready to start on your project.

We connect your hired Indian Node.JS developers to you, and facilitate them with everything they need to set up their development environment. We have system administrators who set up servers and workstations for your hired Node.JS developers. We suggest to have a project manager on your side who supervises your Node.JS developers, perform QA on their work and perform code reviews, so that you know exactly how all of your employees are performing.

We believe in forming long-term relationships with our clients, and for that reason, we take special interest in your requirements, and reinforce them at our end too. We are as interested in the success of your project as you are. We make sure that the developers have a good environment to work in. We have HR staff that observe your hired Node.JS developers, and discuss their problems and difficulties with the management. This HR staff is also responsible for maintaining the leave record, health insurance compensation, attendance record and payroll of the Node.JS developers that you hire.

We suggest that you also provide training courses at regular intervals to keep the developers updated with the most recent technologies and tools.

We take our developers out on regular company outings like tech conferences and workshops, so that they are encouraged to participate in improving their technology stack to some extent.

To help our developers stay focused, we have designed our workplace to be as quite as possible. This helps our developers ignore the mundane factors related to a workplace, so that they can keep thinking about the problem at hand. We also arrange for different activities that the developers could take part outside the workplace. These activities include outings, short trips and movies. These outings keep our developers physically and mentally sharp. Healthy trips like these also keep our developers stay passionate about their work, and their workplace.

So don’t wait anymore. Register with us and let us give you your dream team.

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