Hire Symfony Developers from India

Hire Symfony Developers from India

Symfony Web Development in India

Symfony is one of the most sophisticated PHP frameworks. It is the pioneer of concepts like dependency injection and it accelerated the use of ORMs like Doctrine. Symfony is being used in all kinds of projects, be it front-end intensive, admin (back-end) intensive or API based. Symfony has amazed developers with what it can do, and how fast it can do it.

It is the framework that made the Composer package manger famous. It is also one of the biggest inspirations behind the Laravel framework, which, in its own right, is a hugely successful piece of software.

Why Symfony

There is a very stark difference between how Symfony is used, and how other PHP frameworks are used. When a developer starts to use a PHP framework, the main areas of concern are database query performance, routing structure, ORM syntax and helper functions. If a framework satisfies a developers concerning these aspects, the framework is considered adequate. However, often there are requirements that transcend these aspects, and require a framework to integrate nicely with the front-end part of the app. Symfony does exactly that.

Symfony is advertised as a full-stack framework, despite being programmed in PHP. The main selling point of Symfony is the fact that it registers and communicates with the DOM, beyond how PHP usually generates HTML. That gives the impression of concurrency between the back-end and front-end when one is working with Symfony.

This allows Symfony to achieve levels of performance that many other PHP frameworks could not reach. A testimony to this claim is the fact that Spotify is created with Symfony. NatGeoPlay is also built with Symfony. Websites like these need to stream audio and video data at gargantuan rates. Although most of the heavy-lifting for streaming like this is done by the servers, it is the responsibility of the technology stack to improve performance so that hardware resources could be reduced. Every server that a company avoids adding to its data-center, saves a ton of money.

So Symfony undoubtedly saves a lot of money, and is suitable for clients who are looking to build a high-performance solution that extends its reach to the front-end.

Why Hire Indian Developers With Us

When you allow us to hire Indian Symfony developers for you, you are actually creating an outsourced office with developers all ready to start work on your project.

We dedicate your desired number of developers to you, so that you could guide them to work on your Symfony project, the way you want. You wouldn’t even notice that the developers are sitting in India, and not in your country (in case you don’t live in India).

The reason for dedicating a developer to a client is that we don’t want a developer constantly switching between multiple people who are routing requirements. This causes exactly the kind of distraction that programmers like to avoid. We want our developers to stay focused on one project, and be in constant communication with only the stakeholders of that project.

Work Ambiance

We make absolute sure that when you hire Indian Symfony developers from us, they get a quite and suitable work environment. Our offices are situated in areas that the hired developers don’t find too remote or too crowded. We make it a point to keep everything absolutely transparent.


The facilities we provide to the Indian Symfony developers you hire, include a fairly recent generation desktop computer, appropriate network connection, wireless network devices, if the situation calls for it. We also have network administrators that make sure all hardware and network resources are in a good running condition. They also make sure all developer complaints and queries are answered as soon as possible.

Cost of Hiring Indians

You must already have an idea that hiring Symfony developers in India is a lot less expensive as compared to hiring PHP developers in Europe. We take great pride in saving our clients’ money when it comes to hiring and maintaining technical human resources. Not only that, we make sure that our clients are not overcharged for the developers hired. We keep financial matters completely transparent. The monthly that you will receive from our side, will contain not only the salary of the developers, but also the montly fee, which goes partly into maintaining the work space, etc.. This will allow better trust to build between our companies.

Project Management

We leave it to the client to direct project management and make the developers adhere to that direction. But we suggest to our clients to implement Agile methodologies and the “sprint” way of doing things. Most developers are and are experienced at all major project management programs, such as Atlassian and Microsoft Project.

With the client’s consent, the developer could educate the client and newly hired developers, about the merits of using SCRUM and sprint planning to ensure an efficient development and release schedule.

Still, we are open to client suggestions regarding project-management, and very eager to discover new or alternative methodologies to better execute and roll-out projects.

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