Hire PHP Developers from India

Hire PHP Developers from India

PHP Development in India

We have detailed archives of PHP developers from India. These archives contain profiles and portfolios of Indian PHP developers for hire. We provide complete HR outsourcing facilities, such as screening of developers according to a certain skill-set, interviewing shortlisted candidates, and office spaces for hired human resources.

Why Developers from India

India is home to some of the best web developers of recent times. There is a very vivid pattern of Indian web developers moving to Silicon Valley after a few years of programming in Bangalore or Mumbai. Almost all such developers start their web development career with PHP. So whatever stack they convert to later, they were initially masters of PHP, and throughout their career, their proficiency in PHP only increases. So India is the best place to look for PHP developers.

Hire PHP developers from India, and you’ll see that you have found the perfect combination of skill and modesty. Use our database to screen developer profiles and you will discover that Indian PHP developers are brilliant, hard-working and not as expensive as developers in, say, US or Europe.

Why Use PHP

There are many programming languages being used for web development nowadays. Each of these languages have faithful users that advocate every positive aspect of the language, deny any negative aspect, and condemn the negative aspects of other languages. So its kind of a world war going on in the web development world. There are exceptions of course. Developers that start off with one language, but eventually accepting that the negative aspects of their language outweigh the utilities, switch to another carefully selected language. These developers are the ones that have a unique neutral perspective of the technology stacks.

If you ever come across one of these highly experienced, but neutral developers, you’ll see that they have nothing but praises for the PHP language. The reason is that PHP started out as a language that wanted to be good at just one thing; generating HTML. All languages that PHP is compared to nowadays are all general purpose languages. Java, Python and Go. They are all multi-purpose languages that are active in many different arenas at the same time. Like, command line, desktop, mobile and IoT. PHP had just one purpose; to be able to make home pages. And it was excellent at that.

Soon people tried to learn it, and they found out that it was extremely easy to learn. However, the time at which PHP was becoming popular, the internet was advancing at a blindingly fast pace. There were new things being introduced to the web development world every day. And that put pressure on the shoulders of the maintainers of PHP. They had to release new updates to the language very quickly, to match the rate at which the internet was advancing. This caused PHP to start feeling a bit like a hack language. So it started to lose the respect of many developers, and they moved on to languages like NodeJS, Python and Perl.

Then came PHP 7, and with it, came a revolution. The language was completely redefined. It seemed that everything bad about PHP had disappeared. It was cleaned of useless functions, many functions were changed to language constructs, and the most prominent change was the performance. One of the reasons PHP is still in the server side competition, is that it is extremely fast, despite being interpreted. And the performance is increasing further in subsequent versions.

Another huge reason that PHP is in the web development scene is, the absolutely beautiful structure it offers to your app. PHP is an object oriented language. It implements all object oriented principles for the betterment of server-side applications. It is extremely easy for an application to evolve if it has been developed with object orientation in mind. That is probably the reason why many old systems written in PHP, are simply “updated”, but never “rewritten”.

Technologies Based on PHP

Due to the success of PHP as a server-side language, and the expansion of its global community, a plethora of development systems or “frameworks” started to appear in the late 2000s. These include WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony, Laravel, PHP BB and many others. Needless to say that these systems defined, and continue to define the web as we know it. You don’t have to be a technical person to identify most of these names. That’s the power of this language. The power of its revolution.

So the problem isn’t that we need to “find” a PHP developer for you. The problem is finding the “right” PHP developer. Because although PHP is an awesome language, it is very easy to use badly. And writing good software with PHP nowadays really boils down to the skill of a person as an “engineer” rather than a “PHP developer”. Our intelligent archive helps us to make that exact distinction.

All you have to do is provide us with a, preferably, exhaustive list of skills that you require in your desired PHP developer. This list should contain desired experience in specific frameworks, operating systems or language libraries. Try to be as specific as you can, so that the screening process could provide developers who could start on your project quickly.

We have very intelligent software use-cases in place, that match developers to the provided set of traits. But we also have human experts that go through the archive to come up with a suitable set of candidates.

We hand over that set of candidates to you so that you can further screen out the best choices. You hand us the final list of candidates that you would like to hire and we will make those candidates sign an employment contract.

We provide the hired PHP developers the necessary equipment and workplace to start working. But we also offer you the flexibility of increasing and decreasing the size of your team according to your project requirements. We just need a month’s prior intimation to put the expansion or contraction plan in action.

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