Hire ASP.NET Developers from India

Hire ASP.NET Developers from India

ASP.NET Development in India

Indians love Microsoft, and vice versa. There are more Indian developers working on Microsoft technologies than any other Asian country. So if Microsoft-based tech is what you have chosen for your next big project, India is “the” place to start hiring your developers.

When we encourage you to hire Indian ASP.NET developers through our gateway, we don’t put the burden of screening on your shoulders. You will only provide us with the skill-set you’re looking for, and we will search through our huge list of enlisted developers and select human resources that comes closest to your requirements.

All developers in our database, have provided very detailed profiles that contain experiences, skills and portfolios. We select developers for you by matching your requirements with developer profiles. Once we match your requirements to developer profiles, we get a minimal list of developers that you could then further reduce, by either going through their profiles, or by interviewing directly. Yes, we connect you to the developers that come closest to your desired skills. If you don’t have the time or resources to interview developers, we can further cut down to the best matches to provide you the perfect team of developers to work on your project.

Once the selection process is complete, we will hire the Indian ASP.NET developers so that they can work exclusively for you and your team.

Our Supervisory Staff

We have supervisory staff in all of our offices that include two main types of designations.

  1. HR Specialists
  2. System Administrators

Our HR specialists make sure that the working conditions and incentives promote developers’ productivity.

We also have competent system administrators that have experience maintaining workstation and server hardware. It is their job to ensure that your hired developers are always equipped with the best hardware and internet connection so that there are no hurdles in their productivity. Our system administrators are also well-versed with server architecture, operating systems and network architecture, so that development is maintained on servers that are dedicated for your projects.

The developers in our offices are responsible to convey project requirements from you to the developers. They are also responsible to get clarification from you for any requirements that are causing confusion. For all completed tasks, the developer updates the project management software, so that an accurate project state could be maintained at all times. The programmers are well-versed with many Microsoft technology stacks including ASP.NET so that they could provide valuable feedback considering the overall scope of the project.

Microsoft Affiliation

Most of our clients have Microsoft Certified Partner status, so usually have the latest updates for all Microsoft development tools.

Microsoft also provides periodic online training to developers for beginner as well as advanced levels. Apart from training, Microsoft provides technical support for their development tools, which is a huge utility because there are always new features that are either buggy, or not fully understood by the developers.

Developer Motivation

One of the biggest reasons for our great client feedback is that we keep our workforce motivated. There are many methods that we use to keep our developers interested in working for us.

1. Corporate Outings

Every other week, we take our ASP.NET developers out to a company dinner or to a corporate event. This helps refresh the developers, and helps them ease in our work environment. Going to corporate events helps boost employee confidence in the Microsoft technology stack. Corporate events include tech events, conferences introducing cutting edge tech, and coding workshops. These kind of events encourage our developers to keep thinking about programming problems even when they’re out of the office. Company dinners help employees become friendly with each other and basically break some ice, which greatly helps with their communication in the office.

2.  In-house Hackathons

In order to keep developers on their toes, we arrange coding competitions for developers from time to time. These Hackathons are designed specifically for the Microsoft ASP.NET stack. Well thought out problems are presented to teams of developers who use their creative abilities to try and defeat the opposing team. The winning team gets a monetary reward. These competitions are a great way to help developers bring coding out of the “working” realm and encourage creative thinking in a more recreational setting.

3. Incentives

Although providing incentives to developers is entirely at your discretion, we help by providing extremely detailed developer assessment statistics.

Proper employee retention planning is vital especially for developers of the ASP.NET stack, because although it is not a new technology stack, there is huge demand for it in the enterprise software market. There are many technology stacks that were hip at some time in the past and now developers are stuck with those outdated stacks only because there is a big amount of legacy software written in them. An example of such technology is the Perl programming language. But ASP.NET is not like those stacks. It is a continually evolving technology stack that has dominated the enterprise market in the past, and it is still being employed by many corporate giants. This creates huge demand for ASP.NET developers and it is thus important to keep thinking of ways to retain such developers.

We are leaders in human resource outsourcing, and have an impressive record of long-term employee relationships in India. Our Indian offices are home to some of the most brilliant ASP.NET developers in the market today. So please help us construct the perfect technical team for you.

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