Hire WordPress Developers from India

Hire WordPress Developers from India

WordPress Development India

WordPress is the one of the most famous content management systems in the world. It is estimated that a good 30% of all websites on the internet are developed in WordPress. Still, despite its enormous success and an apparently efficient system core, a huge population of developers absolutely despise it. However, it doesn’t really matter what a developer’s opinion is about WordPress, everyone has to work with WordPress at one time or the other in their career. The reason is simple, WordPress makes creating websites an absolute breeze. It provides usability for non-programmers as well as really advanced software engineers. It just depends on the level of customization that the website requires.

WordPress caters to a very wide range of website requirements. It supports simple multi-page websites to single-page applications to elaborate e-commerce online stores. It makes deployment extremely easy.

There are some use-cases where WordPress might prove to be a bit slower than other PHP frameworks, and because of that, WordPress earns a bit of bad press. However, with the right technical resources, all such use-cases can be tweaked to give better performance. All one really needs is to go deep enough into the code, and WordPress definitely allows that. Here in India, we have literally millions of developers who can work on PHP. In fact if we look at PHP developers around the world, more than 90% of them are able to work on WordPress. It is just that easy. The structure of WordPress is simple enough to allow any PHP developer to easily adapt to it and start customizing at the deepest level. But, our Indian WordPress developers are not beginner-level professionals. They have completed successful web projects in WordPress. There are many WordPress developers in our database that specialize in Woo Commerce, which is a WordPress plugin that allows this CMS to convert to a full-fledged e-commerce platform. Our Woo Commerce developers have created some of the biggest online stores for Indian and international businesses.

The Mighty Woo Commerce

If we compare Woo Commerce with other e-commerce solutions, the strongest point in favor of Woo Commerce, is the speed at which a developer, or a team of developers are able to deploy an online store, complete with theme, customized cart, and integrated payment gateway. It really is amazing at what speed the client gets the minimal viable product with Woo Commerce.

An argument against Woo Commerce might be the observation of decreased performance when data increases on the site. Well, WordPress provides many tools that help scale the online store in cases like those. So again, with the right technical manpower, it is quite easy to overcome all shortcomings of the platform, and truly reap the benefits. We provide that “right” manpower to you in the shape of Indian developers that you hire, but allow  us to maintain and take care of.

The Art of Plugin Development

Our Indian WordPress developers are not just e-commerce gurus. They are masters of customization to the level that they package their customization and make it portable, so that they could reuse the work they do for one project, in all future projects. This packaging is called “plugin development”. Basically our WordPress developers change the way they write code in WordPress, and standardize it in such a way that it could be copied to another installation of WordPress, and still provide the same functionality. By doing this the developer reaps many benefits:

  1. Code Reuse: The code that our developers write as plugins, could be used in other projects that they work in. This saves them a ton of time. And when they need to add extra features, they could just modify the plugin to elevate it to the latest standard.
  2. Community Support: If authorized by the client, the developers could upload their plugins to the central WordPress repository. This allows other developers around the world to benefit from the plugins, which greatly increases the reputation of the company, whose name is mentioned in the title of the plugin.
  3. Revenue Generation: In case a client spends so much time getting plugins developed, and if the size of the plugin starts to reach that of a project, then that plugin could be uploaded to the WordPress repository under a price tag. This would allow the client to earn money, and even create useful business connections.

Our Indian WordPress developers are well aware of all the standards that need to be followed in case the client plans to provide paid support for the plugins that they develop. The most important of those standards, is the compatibility that the plugins need to maintain with “other” plugins, that might be installed at the same time as the client’s plugin is installed. For instance developers of the Woo Commerce plugin, constantly have to maintain compatibility with a huge number of plugins to ensure smooth operation. Plugins like some famous payment gateways, language translation plugins and content modification plugins. It actually goes on to become a very complex yarn ball, but with complexity comes reward.

Developer Assessment

When you use our platform to search and hire Indian WordPress developers, we assist you in every step of your recruitment journey. We even offer you to leave the whole recruitment process to us, but encourage you to stay as involved as you comfortably can.

The most important stage of recruitment is the assessment process of the developers. We strongly believe that the developers need to be properly tested despite what their profiles and portfolios state. For that purpose we have designed aptitude tests that are carefully randomized, to prevent forgery. It is usually very rare to come across good WordPress tests, but we have deployed some of our best software engineers to construct industry-grade tests. We have categorized our WordPress tests among five difficulty levels. This is to ensure that extra pressure is not placed on developers of lower experience.

Apart from aptitude tests, we have experienced technical and HR personnel that perform interviews to screen developers that come closest to your requirements.

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