Hire Laravel Developers from India

Hire Laravel Developers from India

Laravel Development in India

Software engineering represents a significant percentage of all professions in India. More than 50% of software engineers in India are web developers.

That is a very big amount of professionals. An amount so big that with population like that of India, this amount of professionals could be hard to get on record. But our company is constantly bringing Laravel developers on record. We already have thousands of Laravel developers in our database, and the number of records are increasing every day.

One reason for such a huge inclination towards Laravel and PHP in particular is that PHP is a very easy language to learn. Anyone can get up-and-running in PHP in a fairly small amount of time. The language is designed such that anyone with the slightest idea of any C-like language (like C++, Perl or Java), could quickly adapt to the syntax and start creating useful utilities.

Laravel is the most famous PHP framework for creating web apps. In fact, not only web apps. Laravel has excellent design to create APIs that could be used by mobile applications or other web apps.

Apart from being famous, PHP is continually being updated and is now (with version 7.2) the fastest language for making web applications. It even has a library (called swoole) that enables concurrency just like NodeJS. Laravel is also introducing new features every few weeks. It has a highly responsive development team and an even more responsive community. That is why there is such a huge developer population in India that is proficient in Laravel.

With Laravel you can leave it to the back-end developer to create a complete system that implements your business logic for your web, iOS and Android apps. It doesn’t matter if your project is a content management project, e-commerce project, ERP or CRM. Laravel provides the basis for any kind of project that the client can think of. Thus, developers that are proficient with Laravel can cater to a much wider creative spectrum than, say, just e-commerce developers. That is why they are in higher demand.

When developers are higher in demand, they tend to be more expensive. But not in India. You will observe that India has a very nice salary-to-quality ratio for developers. There are some countries where Laravel developers are cheaper than even India, but you’ll notice that the quality provided by those Laravel developers falls drastically especially after the project goes into production.

With Indian Laravel developers, you don’t have to worry about quality, especially if those developers are backed and regulated by an agency like ours.

We have administrative teams that work around the clock to ensure that the Indian Laravel developers you hire are provided with the necessary equipment, guidance and motivation, to stay on track and stay productive.

Our administrative staff includes managers that are technologically adept, and have assessment skills that keep the Laravel developers in check. Those managers give constant feedback to the developers about the quality of their work, so that the quality that they deliver to you, does not fall below the level set by you.

Building Client-Developer Relationships

We believe that in order to create great value, we need to create great relationships. That is why we work very hard to strengthen the professional relationship between our developers and our clients.

The developers that we employ specialize in web development stacks, and thus have a very deep insight regarding the problems that our clients are trying to solve. At any given moment, our programmers know exactly what factors our clients are struggling with. Be it technical challenges, misunderstanding a requirement, or difficulty in communicating a problem. Our experts are fully equipped to deal with all these problems by talking to clients, clearing up confusions, clarifying requirements, or guiding them how to better deal with these problems. Our experts are trained to help in the best possible way. If there is a requirement that is causing more delay than anticipated, then our team will come up with a mitigation plan and our developer will present it to the client.

This ultimately results in a higher level of trust between the clients and the developers.

Software Development Methodology

Our software developers are not only experts at dealing with on-the-ground situations. They are also well-versed in the exquisite art of software planning.

Agile software development methodology is implemented globally nowadays. This is because the pace at which software needs to be rolled out (in order to surpass competition) is extremely fast. No other method provides the necessary tools to keep quality at a satisfactory level, while keeping development rate reasonably fast.

That is why our Laravel experts keep blazing fast track of project development progress in carefully selected project management software. Our developers’ programming environment is integrated with our project management software, so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Comfortable Working Conditions

When you finalize a Laravel developer or a team of Laravel developers in India through our detailed database, we get those developers to one of our offices located in Kochi, India. Our HR staff makes sure that when the developers get there, they are provided everything they need to start working on your project productively.

We provide your selected Laravel developers with computing hardware, fast network connections, access to dedicated development servers, and a comfortable ambiance.

Our HR staff also makes sure that you don’t have to worry about payroll, leaves and benefits of the developers you hire. All that is handled by our HR staff, and expertly crafted payroll software.

Our payroll software also contains performance assessments of the Indian Laravel developers you hire. This assessment data is presented to you on regular basis so that you could take the bigger decisions.

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