How to find ASP.NET developers from India?

How to find ASP.NET developers from India?

India remains one of the top resources when it comes to software development projects. There is good infrastructure, the country is doing well economically, socially, and politically, and there is a huge and growing talent pool of IT professionals. The IT professionals come from various cities all over the country, and their rate varies accordingly. If you are a startup, and you cannot afford to spend a huge amount of developer salary, you can hire a beginner, but talented developer for competitive rates from one of the major cities in India. If your focus is on quality and you are willing to spend a few extra dollars for the right person, go ahead and get the perfect team. 

If you are looking for ASP.NET developers from India, you will find a nice team if you look well. 

Need for ASP.NET developers

.NET development has been around since 2002, ever since it was introduced by Microsoft, and there have been many uses for it across multiple domains. The framework consists of a collection of software libraries and tools that help developers create custom software applications. It enables them to develop really quick and powerful applications, and also access tools like Visual Studio to help with complex program creation. 

ASP.NET developers play an important role in creating many successful projects, whether it is for creating great applications from scratch, dynamic content-driven websites, web services, or updating existing systems. The developers can produce code using .NET languages like C# and VB.NET. You can hire developers to deliver secure and scalable apps to your users and grow your enterprise business successfully. The requirements and demands for ASP.NET developers will continue to be popular in 2024 and beyond.

Process of finding ASP.NET developers

Since ASP.NET developers can help you have a strong web presence, there is a huge demand for them on a global scale. India is a good resource for highly talented developers because of their educational qualifications, skills, and updated knowledge of the language. Here are some workable ways in which you can get developers for your project. Check them out:

Identifying the scope of the project

You must get the right team with the right expertise. This is why you need to identify the scope of the project because the team should be hired and built accordingly. Factors like project timeline, budget, and skill set of developers are also important factors. Identifying the scope of your project will help narrow down the search to what you need.

Partnering with software development companies

Software development companies in India have developers with various skill sets and knowledge of multiple platforms, frameworks, and libraries. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you are partnering with them. This is the shortcut to success because they will have the perfect team depending on your requirements and budget. The team will work entirely on your project during it, so it would be just like having your team, but outside the company. The software companies will provide the manpower, the infrastructure, and other resources so there will be no hassle for you. 

Communication and Collaboration

One thing to remember while hiring developers from India is that communication and collaboration are very important. Since you might be located halfway across the world, it is prompt communication that makes the whole relationship work. Also the developer’s English proficiency and ability to articulate clearly, especially when it comes to technical concepts. You can interview them through video platforms to analyze their skills in these aspects before getting into the next important thing: negotiation and contract. 

Negotiation and contract

It is at this stage that you discuss the terms and conditions of the project, timelines, milestones deliverables, and payment terms. This is where you tell them whether you want them on an hourly basis, a fixed price contract, and other aspects like intellectual property rights. You can have orientation sessions with the rest of the team in your office where you can discuss more aspects of the job once the right team is hired. It would help streamline collaboration and monitor the project’s progress successfully. 

Other avenues where you have to do a little bit of work too

There are some easy ways to hire a rockstar team of ASP.NET developers, but you will have to set aside some time to search. But they are really good resources and would allow you to handpick your team. 

In most of the cases the IT company in India will help you with this process. But it is good to know how the search process could look like.

Check them out:

Professional networking sites

LinkedIn and similar networking sites are perfect for identifying and hiring talented developers. You can search for Indian developers on LinkedIn, type in your requirements, and choose from the huge list that will be displayed in front of you. You can engage with them personally to learn more about their skills and knowledge and even arrange for interviews online.  

Developer events and conferences

You can check out developer events websites to get hold of the major events and conferences where ASP.NET developers will be participating. Microsoft Build, TechEd, .NET Frontend Day, Future Tech, QCon Plus, Devintersection Conference, Code Camp, NDC (Norwegian Developers Conference), and Azure Lowlands are a few examples if you want to have an idea. You will have access to a huge pool of developers at these conferences because they come there to polish their skills and advance their knowledge. You will also get an idea of the latest trends in .NET development, real-world case studies, and best development practices. Developers who attend these conferences every year are aware of the latest advancements and hiring a team from there would be a win-win situation. 

Checking out the various online platforms

There are several online platforms which offer profiles of ASP.NET developers. These can be job sites, where the coders can leave their CV’s. Or enter their work history details.

The IT companies in South Asia will have access to those platforms, and will be able to select good candidates.

The advantage of these websites is that they usually have a huge number of profiles. Therefore it is possible to choose from really good profiles.

Furthermore it is possible to find candidates from all over South Asia, as these portals usually have a wide reach. You would also be able to find IT experts from India such as Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc.

The developers usually are all highly skilled, have knowledge of the latest technologies, frameworks, and libraries, and keep themselves updated on the latest trends. 


ASP.NET is still hugely popular and one of the most successfully used frameworks on a global scale, despite the ease and success of Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, and other similar frameworks. There is a huge talent pool of developers in India, making it easier for companies to recruit them without much trouble. 

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