How to Find Ruby on Rails Developers in India

How to Find Ruby on Rails Developers in India

Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR, has already become one of the most popular web application frameworks. Many reputable businesses use it to develop their websites and web applications. Now, small and medium-sized businesses are also utilising the framework.  This popularity has increased demand for its developers in India, and the salary offered is among the highest as compared to any other developer. 

This consistent demand for RoR developers has led to a larger talent pool in the country. There are so many programmers in India who consider being a RoR developer a viable career option. They are making constant efforts to improve their skills by taking relevant courses and training. This article will help you find them, ensuring you get the best talent for your team.

Popularity of the Framework and its Benefits

The RoR entered the scene in 2005, and it remains one of the most popular frameworks. A large number of websites are made using it, and this number is growing. It is the perfect framework for startups and works well for developing MVPs, performing rapid iterations, and scaling products. This popularity stems from the numerous advantages that Ruby on Rails development can provide for your company. It includes the following.

  • It saves time because there are many existing plugins and modules that allow developers to avoid writing repetitive code.
  • Its open-source nature and distribution under the MIT licence make it inexpensive.
  • It has numerous security features that are by default incorporated into the framework, making it secure.
  • Encourages the use of excellent testing tools, like Minitest, which are integrated into the framework
  • Due to the fact that so many major tech companies have adopted it, it has a strong community and ongoing support, which has led to the availability of countless RoR code examples.
  • Promotes consistency by requiring programmers to adhere to set programming conventions, which results in a well-structured project.

The benefits mentioned above are the reasons why you should use Ruby on Rails and find developers for your website creation. But one thing about the framework is that it will never be a good choice for advanced, complex applications in the hands of inexperienced programmers. It benefits you with simple APIs or blogs for beginner programmers. 

Steps to Hire Indian RoR Programmers

While there are undoubtedly many talented developers in India, finding and hiring them can be a time-consuming and challenging process. So, it is crucial to be patient and take your time to ensure that you’re hiring a developer who will work well with your team and meet the needs of your company. There are some steps to consider when you think of hiring Indian RoR programmers.

  • The first step is to always look for Ruby on Rails developers through job boards, RoR communities, social networks, or tech-enabled recruitment firms.
  • Determine the budget for the position and write a job description to attract the best talents in RoR programming.
  • Set the right tone right away with specific expectations about what you need in order to draw in the best candidates.
  • Decide what experience level is needed for the position, whether it’s junior, mid-level or senior level, and make sure to add it to the job description.
  • A junior RoR developer should have a solid understanding of web frameworks and MVC architecture, as well as 0 to 1 years of experience with a programming language.
  • Mid-level developers should have 1 to 3 years of experience with Ruby on Rails or other MVC-based web frameworks.
  • Senior Ruby on Rails programmers are anticipated to have five years of development experience, in-depth knowledge of the framework, and prior lead developer experience.
  • The next step will be conducting interviews and testing the technical skills of the candidate to check whether they are suitable for the position.
  • Other than the knowledge and technical skills, the communication skills, ability to fit into the organisation’s culture, attitude and mindset should be tested.
  • Having a technical ability is crucial to an employee’s success in your organisation, but you must not overlook the other elements that make a great employee.
  • Finally, bring them on board with an attractive job offer.

Why RoR Developers Earn So Much?

Salaries for any given position are determined entirely by the job’s output, within the context of the organisation. Due to their reputation for talent and dedication to software development, Indian RoR programmers are well compensated. And many development projects are outsourced to the country due to its cost effectiveness. The pay for Ruby on Rails programmers is among the highest in the industry, and there are more and more job openings for RoR programmers. 

Consequently, the high salary of RoR programmers is largely the result of two factors: first, the developer’s ability to work with RoR, and second, RoR’s inherent capabilities, which make it a much more sophisticated development framework than any other out there. 

The average salary of Ruby on Rails developers in India is around 15,000 EUR per year. So make sure to hire programmers who are well educated and have experience in RoR programming. 

An experienced programmer in this field might have salaries as high as 30,000 EUR and more, even in South Asia.

In this article, we discussed the popularity of Ruby on Rails, its benefits, finding Ruby on Rails programmers in India, and why they earn so much. Among web and application developers throughout the world, Ruby on Rails is a highly popular framework. It appeals to beginner programmers due to its open-source nature and active developer community around the world.

So, the demand for such developers is increasing day by day, not only in India but all over the world. You can follow the steps mentioned in the article to find programmers who can meet your project’s demands and requirements. 

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