​​NET Core Developer: What do they do?

​​NET Core Developer: What do they do?


In simple words, the Net Core developer’s primary role would be to develop software applications with the help of .NET infrastructure by Microsoft. A person who becomes NET Core Developer will be an expert in the following disciplines – Computer Science, Information technology, Mathematics, Cybernetics and Software Engineering.

About .NET

.NET is an open source software development platform devised by Microsoft, and has been around since 2002. The framework is compatible with C#, F#, C++ and VB.NET. The first version of the framework was released as an alternative to Java (by Sun Microsystems) and it had predefined classes and functions that allow the developer to write codes. Initially, the intention was to create applications on just Windows, but with time, Microsoft began to launch new and updated versions of  .NET Like, .NET core and this was adaptable with different platforms like Linux, MacOS, etc. 

What is a NET Core Developer?

The NET Core Developer is a technology specialist/engineer possessing a bachelor’s degree and who designs and maintains software within the Microsoft framework. He will design, implement and develop the software products according to need. 

The job responsibilities

The job responsibilities of the .NET developer include:

  • A good NET Core Developer would be able to build user interfaces
  • They can troubleshoot software prototypes
  • Can develop programs for .NET applications
  • Would be able to provide technical support to users 
  • Create procedures for running the applications

The skills possessed by the NET Core Developer

Check out some of the crucial skills the NET Core developer must possess:


Obviously, he/she should be an expert at coding, and write new codes wherever necessary while tuning existing codes and determining how they can save time and resources while upgrading software programs. The developer works on the prototypes, analyses the code and its performances, editing the codes and making changes whenever needed. 

Proficient in various programming languages

The developer must know all the popular programming languages and database applications like NoSQL, SQL Server and Oracle to perform their job responsibilities.


When the NET Core Developer knows how to operate the ASPNET MVC, then he can easily manage all the functions of an application. With this knowledge, developers can produce software quickly and efficiently. 

Time Management

Time management is a skill the developer must have because that would help the developer meet their deadline. The deadlines are specified by the clients so the developer has the responsibility to organise the tasks correctly, and ensure that they will be completed correctly. The developer must also be able to manage multiple tasks at a single time so they must be able to juggle more than one project. 

Budget awareness

The knowledge of a company’s budgetary situation and awareness of the finance management will help the developer use cost-effective measures while managing the resources nicely. The developer must be careful enough not to exceed their budget, and they might be able to reserve funds for future projects. 


The developer must have excellent problem solving skills because they will often have to identify and solve issues in the prototypes. They must be able to identify the mistypes in the source code, because failing to do that could trigger malfunctioning. When they build interfaces, they will have to analyse the results of the testing as well. With experience, the developer will be an expert at spotting problems. 


While communicating well with the team, the stakeholders and the client companies, the developer must be good at collaborating with other IT professionals as well. The developer must be able to listen and respect their views, even if it differs from what they have envisioned, and must be able to explain their viewpoint as well. They must be able to identify the skills of the fellow professionals and delegate tasks accordingly.

The typical tasks of the NET Core Developer

Keeping in mind the above mentioned skills in the developer, they will have to do the following common tasks:

As a junior developer, they would have to:

  • Analyse business requirements
  • Work actively in software development stages
  • Communicate and collaborate with all the team members

As the developer becomes experienced, they can:

  • Implement the software according to the requirements
  • Contribute to the design and development of the software solutions
  • Write high quality code and documentation
  • Design and create secure, scalable distributed applications
  • Know and implement modern engineering practices to attain high quality products

When the developer becomes experienced and more knowledgeable:

  • Collaborate with the product company, business stakeholders and other people in the higher-ups to define the strategy of the software development and its scope
  • Understanding the user stories and converting them into functional applications
  • Design, build and maintain reusable and reliable code
  • Assessment of the technical and functional capabilities of the design and software and understanding the changes 
  • Guiding and mentoring junior developers.

As the experience of the developer heightens, they will have to do active participation in the decision making process and determine the technology and framework used in the software development. The developer will be highly proficient in the different kinds of software architecture and will be able to implement complex software solutions. The developer will be capable of enhancing the working of the existing systems and keep them perfectly aligned with the business objectives, while identifying problem areas for improvement and modifications. The developer will participate in code and design reviews and must coach the development teams on what kind of technology strategy is to be implemented and the best practices to be followed. 


The NET Core Developer is definitely an asset to any organisation and when they begin to incorporate Machine Learning and AI, they can develop applications that run smoothly, quickly and better, to create interactive AI applications.

Get ready to design, tailor and develop software applications according to a business needs.

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