Software Development in the Philippines: Is It A Good Choice?

Software Development in the Philippines: Is It A Good Choice?

Software development in the Philippines is an excellent option because the country ranks eighth among the world’s top outsourcing destinations. You will find it easy to do business in the country, as there are an increasing number of skilled and talented outsourced developers there. Many outsourcing companies offer professionals with experience and skills in specific niches.

There are skilled programmers with adequate experience in the Philippines who can help you with any software development project you may have, making the country a wise option. The development industry in the country is flourishing quickly, and in this article, you will see more details about it. Read more.

Why Is It A Good Choice?

The Philippines is an excellent choice for web development projects because it has a long history as an outsourcing hub and because programmers are paid at rates that are significantly less than their American counterparts would. You can learn more about these facts in detail in this section.

  • Established Outsourcing Hub
  • Affordable Rates
  • English Proficiency
  • Similar Culture

1. Established Outsourcing Hub

Being an established outsourcing hub for a long time, the country has a large talent pool of developers working for foreign clients throughout their careers. Around 83,000 students graduate each year with degrees in engineering and technology, and 74,000 graduate with degrees in information technology, making web development a prestigious and respectable profession in the country.

  • The country’s government supports the IT industry by establishing various authorities and laws to attract foreign investors. 
  • The country is experiencing significant growth in web development, with a growing number of global IT outsourcing companies offering best-in-class web development services.

2. Affordable Rates

Another reason the Philippines is an excellent choice for web development is the affordable rates the developers offer. The prices are reasonable since the Philippines has a lower cost of living than most European nations and the United States. Compared to many other countries, Manila and the rest of the Philippines have much lower labour costs for website developers.

They usually charge only a fraction of what programmers from other countries earn. Many companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe outsource their development needs to countries such as the Philippines in order to save money. 

When it comes to outsourcing software development, there are varying salary expectations depending on the level of experience or education and the type of developer, such as full-stack, front-end, or back-end developers, just like in any other job market.

  • The junior developers work with mid-level and senior developers so that they can hone their skills and get significant experience from them. The junior developers from the Philippines have a salary of around 6,757.24 EUR (PHP 370,920) per year.
  • On the other hand, they are the more experienced ones, so they are assigned more complex projects to handle. Around 11,444.94 EUR (PHP 628,970) is the average yearly salary for a senior software developer.
  • Software development managers have the duty of overseeing and administering the collaboration between the developers and the client or the in-house lead developer. In the Philippines, they make about 31,000.94 EUR (PHP 1,701,633) annually. 

3. English Proficiency

As you know, communication is one of the most important factors that influences the success of a project. The developers and professionals from the country are fluent in English. It makes it easy for clients from foreign countries like Europe, Canada, and the United States to work with Filipino developers. So clear communication among the developer team and with the clients improves the performance of the team, which leads to the success of the projects you outsource. 

4. Similar Culture

Cities in the Philippines with a larger population are similar to western cities in terms of culture. This makes it easier to work with Philippine-based software development companies. It is important not to underestimate how culture affects the work environment. So the similarity in culture will make it easier for the professionals to share their ideas, communicate well, and collaborate with each other even when they are working remotely.

Drawbacks of Software Outsourcing to Philippines

Software outsourcing to Manila and the rest of the Philippines is not without its difficulties. Working with a developer team from this nation has some drawbacks, some of which are listed below:

  • Uncomfortable Time Zone
  • Low Work Quality
  • Slow Internet Speed

1. Uncomfortable Time Zone

For US or European clients, the time zone difference can cause some inconveniences. It will be difficult for them to communicate directly with the dedicated developers in the country. As a result, there could be problems with project management and control. However, clients from nations like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand are conveniently situated with little time difference, which greatly improves collaboration.

2. Low Work Quality

It may not always be high quality work offered. Sometimes, because of a lack of training or experience, the work may be of lower quality than anticipated. Ask for evidence of prior work and testimonials from satisfied clients to ensure you are working with qualified web developer candidates in Manila.

3. Slow Internet Speed

Despite having a sizable portion that is developed, the nation unfortunately has some of the slowest internet speeds in the world. Since the majority of communication and work will be done online, this can be a challenging barrier to overcome. This means that before outsourcing web development services to Manila and the rest of the Philippines, it is best to request documentation of a strong internet connection.

So, you read about the pros and cons of software development in the Philippines. Many companies recruit and hire programmers from the country. However, the decision is based on your project’s objectives and budget. Overall, there are several compelling reasons to consider outsourcing software development to the country. So, based on the above-mentioned benefits and drawbacks, you can decide whether it makes sense to choose the Philippines for your software development projects.

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