Webflow Development Cost: What Does It Cost to Build Such a Website?

Webflow Development Cost: What Does It Cost to Build Such a Website?

Are you planning to use Webflow as your website builder? If yes, then you should know about the development costs and pricing plans of the tool. Webflow offers different pricing plans depending on the features and services you need for your website. They also offer a free trial so you can test the tool and see if it’s right for you. Overall, the development cost will depend on your particular needs.

There are about 15 pricing plans with several unique features available in Webflow, which can sometimes be overwhelming for users when choosing the right one among them. Together with the features of the various plans, let us examine the tool’s annual or monthly cost. It may take some time to understand these features, but do not worry! 

You will be able to decide on the necessary features and the most advantageous pricing strategy for your project by the time you finish reading this article. Without wasting time, let’s begin.

Webflow Pricing Plans and Development Costs

First of all, let’s start with a table on the pricing plans in general so that you can have an overall idea about them. After that, let’s discuss the features that come with each plan. Finally, let’s discuss the development costs associated with Webflow.

Pricing PlansPlan BreakdownAnnual PricingMonthly Pricing
General Site PlanStarter Site PlanFreeFree
Basic Site Plan12.98 EUR/month16.69 EUR/month
CMS Site Plan21.33 EUR/month26.89 EUR/month
Business Site Plan36.16 EUR/month45.44 EUR/month
Enterprise Site PlanContact Webflow (Customised Plan)Contact Webflow (Customised Plan)
Ecommerce Site PlansStandard Ecommerce Site Plan26.89 EUR/month38.94 EUR/month
Plus Ecommerce Site Plan68.62 EUR/month77.89 EUR/month
Advanced Ecommerce Site Plan196.58 EUR/month217.91 EUR/month
Workspace Plans for In-house TeamsStarter Workspace PlanFreeFree
Core Workspace Plan17.61 EUR/month25.96 EUR/month
Growth Workspace Plan45.44 EUR/month55.64 EUR/month
Enterprise Workspace PlanContact Webflow (Customised Plan)Contact Webflow(Customised Plan)
Workspace Plans for Freelancers and AgenciesFree Workspace PlanFreeFree
Freelancer Workspace Plan14.83 EUR/month22.25 EUR/month
Agency Workspace Plan32.46 EUR/month38.95 EUR/month

So, all the plans mentioned in the table serve different purposes according to your goals and requirements. Free and paid plans are available from Webflow, depending on the kind of website you want to create and how many features you need. The plans can offer both website builder and content management features.

You are also free to decide whether you would like to make payments on an annual or monthly basis with these plans. A yearly billing option, however, can save you anywhere from 20% to 30%. Here, you are going to learn about the plans in detail.

1. General Site Plans

If you are a beginner at building a personal, blog, or business website, then general site plans are the best choice. Site plans are the best to start with, and you can upgrade to more advanced ones when your website starts generating regular profit. 

And if you are still confused about choosing the right plan for you, then think about hiring a Webflow developer expert. They can help and guide you better based on business requirements. Here’s an overview of the pricing plans:

Starter Site Plan

It is a free-to-use plan with limited access, ideal for beginners or non-developers who have just begun to get their website ready.

  • It has a Webflow.io domain option and doesn’t give users a custom domain feature.
  • A maximum of 50 CMS items can be used in a CMS database.
  • It offers 1 GB of CDN bandwidth per month for quick page loading. Users will be informed if the amount exceeds.
  • About 1,000 monthly visitors are allowed.

Basic Site Plan

The basic plan will be more helpful to you once you have gained some additional experience and knowledge about website development. It is primarily suggested for those who want to create simple websites because it is a CMS-free option. Choosing this plan, therefore, might necessitate some coding knowledge.

If paid annually, the monthly cost of this plan is 12.98 EUR. As previously stated, payments can be made on a monthly or annual basis. However, if you choose to pay monthly, you may wind up having to pay 16.69 EUR, or 3.709 EUR more, each month. This plan includes:

  • It provides all the necessary features to create a simple but effective website.
  • It has an option for a custom domain. Users can also purchase domains through Webflow.
  • This plan does not include any CMS items.
  • A monthly CDN bandwidth of 50 GB is available.
  • 250K monthly visitors are allowed on the website.
  • It offers 500 form submissions monthly.

CMS Site Plan

The CMS plan is an affordable option. It also allows you to include other members of your team in this plan as their capabilities grow. The estimated cost of this plan is 26.89 EUR if paid monthly or 21.33 EUR if paid annually. For a content-driven website or blog, this is the most widely used plan. High points for this plan include:

  • It offers a custom domain feature and a site search function.
  • You can do 1K form submissions monthly.
  • It features 2,000 CMS items.
  • It offers 200 GB of bandwidth per month.
  • You can add three guest editors to this plan so they can use the Webflow Editor to access and edit content.

Business Site Plan

A business site plan is a suitable plan for you if you have a solid business plan. It has more features than the plans mentioned above, and therefore, you can add more team members to the plan. If paid annually, the business plan might cost about 36.16 EUR per month; if paid monthly, the cost might be 45.44 EUR. If your visitor count is increasing, this plan can be profitable. Websites for service providers are one example.

  • With this plan, custom domains can be created.
  • The website can have 10,000 CMS items added to it.
  • It is possible to have 400 GB of bandwidth.
  • A web page can have up to ten guest editors added.

Enterprise Site Plan

Depending on your expectations, you can add or remove certain features from the enterprise site plan. It means the plan can be customised, so you would need to contact Webflow to get a customised plan. Using this plan, you can build a website with enterprise-level security, compliance, and scalability for maximum visitors.

  • For information on prices, get in touch with Webflow’s sales team.
  • It provides features for custom bandwidth and custom domains.
  • You can also tailor guest editors to your business needs. By optimising the Webflow Editor, customisable packages can significantly simplify your work.
  • This plan includes Uptime SLAs or Service Level Agreements.

2. E-Commerce Site Plans

If you are thinking about starting an online store, this plan is ideal. Webflow e-commerce websites are a little more expensive, but they come with a number of valuable features that site plans do not offer. An e-commerce plan’s best feature is that it comes with everything you need to sell goods online.

For example, creating an online store might call for a checkout page, product tracking, delivery management, and a shopping cart. Here are some pricing plans for different Webflow e-commerce sites:

Standard E-commerce Site Plan

For startups, this plan works well. It is generally advised for newly established e-commerce websites with a yearly sales volume of less than 46,391 EUR. Compared to other e-commerce plans, a standard e-commerce plan will cost less. Therefore, the monthly billing is approximately 26.89 EUR, and the monthly billing is approximately 38.94 EUR. This plan includes:

  • The plan consists of 500 items, which include e-commerce products, variants, CMS items, and categories.
  • In addition to Stripe and PayPal fees, Webflow charges a 2% transaction fee.
  • It also includes 2000 CMS items available in its CMS plan features.

Plus E-commerce Site Plan

The Plus e-commerce site plan is the most suitable for established businesses with sales of up to 185,548 EUR every year. It will cost around 68.62 EUR per month for the annual subscription and 77.89 EUR for monthly subscriptions. For newbies in online business, it is better to choose the standard e-commerce site plan and then gradually upgrade to the advanced plans.

  • Higher-volume businesses can use this plan.
  • It does not charge a transaction fee.
  • It offers 10,000 CMS items and 5,000 e-commerce items.
  • In addition to the features listed, this plan includes all of the features found on business sites.

Advanced E-commerce Site Plan

This plan works well for companies whose yearly sales are more than 185,548 EUR. Thus, you can choose the advanced ecommerce site plan if your e-commerce website anticipates faster growth. For annual subscriptions, this plan may cost roughly 196.58 EUR per month, and for monthly subscriptions, it may cost roughly 217.91 EUR. Everything found in a business plan is included. There are also a number of additional features, such as:

  • With this plan, you can include up to 3,000 items.
  • Transaction fees do not exist.
  • It offers every feature of the business plan along with an unlimited annual sales volume.
  • 10,000 CMS items are available.
  • Includes 15,000 e-commerce items

3. Workspace Plans for In-house Teams

Using the in-house team workspace plans, you can collaborate to create a Webflow website. You can work together and invite large teams. Hiring Webflow developers is preferable if you find editing to be complex and technical. Here is an overview of the pricing options for in-house teams.

Starter Workspace Plan

The starter workspace plan is intended for individual Webflow designers who are in charge of one or more websites. When you first start to create a business website for clients or other people, it is a good idea to go with this plan. Nonetheless, it is the best option for people just starting their careers as professional website developers or designers and is totally free of cost.

  • Some of the features provided in this plan are:
  • This plan is only applicable to one seat; teammates and collaborators are omitted.
  • With this plan, two non-hosted sites can be built.
  • 50 CMS items are available per site
  • 2 Agency / Freelancer Guests
  • Two free commenters

Core Workspace Plan

The core workspace plan was created for small teams with solid coding skills who wish to oversee their operations. A group of skilled Webflow developers and designers can quickly determine the ideal workspace layout for you and create a dynamic website. This plan costs about 17.61 EUR per month when billed annually. Alternatively, you can choose monthly billing, which will cost you about 25.96 EUR per month. 

This plan includes a number of features, including:

  • HTML and CSS files can be exported, and custom codes can be added. Moreover, this plan allows you to produce dynamic content.
  • Owners and administrators of workspaces can modify subscriptions and billing details.
  • It is possible to add ten Webflow-designed, non-hosted sites. These websites may not be premium ones.
  • A workspace can have a maximum of three seats added to it.

Growth Workspace Plan

This plan, as its name implies, is intended for expanding teams and agencies that desire stronger authorisation to create custom websites and a top-notch team of designers. Moreover, if paid annually, the growth workspace plan costs approximately 45.44 EUR per month; if paid monthly, the cost is 55.64 EUR. The following is a list of additional features:

  • This plan allows you to add up to nine seats.
  • With this plan, adding non-hosted sites is unlimited.
  • To improve your website, you can add unique codes.
  • You can export clean HTML and CSS files and use them to make dynamic content.
  • Permissions for publishing can be altered to suit the requirements of various team members.

Enterprise Workspace Plan

Once more, you might need to get in touch with Webflow customer support to receive a customised plan if you require enterprise-level security, compliance, and scalability for your website. Customising enterprise-level plans has several advantages, including:

  • Personalised seat limits
  • Countless non-hosted websites
  • Advance permissions
  • Advanced security, performance, and customer success. 
  • Personalised code
  • Export code

4. Workspace Plans for Freelancers and Agencies

Individuals and agencies can easily connect with their clients through Workspace Plans for Freelancers and Agencies, which helps them grow their businesses. Let us examine various workspace cost options.

Free Workspace Plan

The workspace free plan is, as its name implies, free for users. This plan is basically for individuals or freelancers who have started learning Webflow. The features offered by the free plan are two non-hosted sites, two agency or freelancer guests, and two free commenters.

Freelancer Workspace Plan

Small teams or solo entrepreneurs who have just begun offering their services and wish to create a website would benefit most from the freelancer workspace plan. Additionally, the monthly cost of this plan is 14.83 EUR if billed annually and 22.25 EUR if billed monthly. The following are some of the features that this plan includes:

  • Custom editing for up to three users
  • Ten non-hosted websites
  • CMS access
  • Free guest access in client Workspaces
  • fundamental permissions and roles
  • Ten free commenters

Agency Workspace Plan

The Agency Workspace Plan is intended for users who are simultaneously managing several clients. The agencies that wish to offer design and development services should use this plan. Approximately 32.46 EUR, if paid annually, or 38.95 EUR, if paid monthly, is the cost of the pricing plan. The Agency Workspace Plan’s features include:

  • Nine users for personalised editing
  • Countless non-hosted websites
  • Complete CMS functionality 
  • Visitor access to client workspaces is free
  • More advanced permissions and roles
  • Ten free commenters

So, we discussed all the pricing plans offered by Webflow. Now, you would have an idea of how much it would cost to build a website using Webflow. It can cost between 464 and 4,640 EUR on average to develop a Webflow website. It is difficult to estimate because the average cost varies depending on a number of variables, including the type of website, developing partners, customisation, and website requirements. Additionally, selecting a Webflow plan is a strategic choice to maximise your Webflow usage, rather than just a financial one. So try to look beyond the price tag and into the specifics of each plan.

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