What is the hourly rate for React developers?

What is the hourly rate for React developers?

Are you looking for React developers to build a solid front end for your website? They can help you create performance oriented user interfaces for your website that can provide a smooth user experience. The roles and responsibilities of React.js developers depend on what type of developer they are. These programmers are classified as basic front-end, intermediate – advanced front-end, basic back-end, intermediate – advanced back-end, and full stack. 

Now, do React.js developers charge a lot? Your project’s scope and level of expertise determine the level of expertise you require and the hourly rate you have to pay for the React developers. There are many other factors that determine the rate per hour of your project. So before thinking of hiring them to do your projects or thinking of the budget, you should have a clearly defined project in your hands. This article will go into detail about the hourly rate of programmers and other related topics.

Factors determining the rate per hour of your project

Certain factors must be considered when determining how much to pay a developer, or how much to charge the firm if you are one. The developers’ pay per hour is largely determined by the following factors:

  • Project requirements
  • Timeline and budget
  • Experience and expertise
  • Location
  • The size of the company

1. Project complexity

When you hire programmers for your software development projects, the complexity of the project is one of the factors that may affect the hourly rates. As previously stated, there are various types of developers for various types of projects, and the cost charged by the programmers may vary depending on the size and type of the project. The requirements to complete the project can cost you more.

  • The rate per hour for a more complex project would be significantly higher than it would be for a project with a lower level of complexity because it required better skills from the developer.
  •  For instance, your hourly rate as a developer would be lower if you were only required to create one landing page rather than a sophisticated shopping app. 

2. Timeline and budget

The rate of the programmers can be affected by the deadline for completion of the project or whether you plan to finish it within a set budget. Compared to small projects with less complexity, the project’s complexity can affect the amount of time needed. You will have to pay more if you need to finish your projects quickly or if they are urgent. 

3. Experience and expertise

Another aspect that affects the pay per hour programmers can charge for your software development projects is their level of experience and expertise. Senior programmers charge more than junior programmers with the same skills in the same area because they have more years of experience. 

  • React developers with experience in other technologies in addition to ReactJS would charge more than those with only ReactJS expertise. 
  • For instance, a developer who is proficient in NodeJS or any other skill that is in high demand will be able to contribute more to the company and, therefore, be paid more.

4. Location

The location from which a developer is hired is another crucial factor that affects their hourly rates. It is because programmers from locations with a higher cost of living will charge you more than those who live in locations with a lower cost of living, which is quite natural for most jobs. The developers’ pay per hour in western countries like Canada and the USA is way higher than that in Asian countries. 

5. The type of the company

The type of company will have an influence on the rates for React programmers. In general, service companies charge lower hourly rates than product companies since they handle projects for other companies. The size of the company may also have an impact on the rate.

Hourly rates for the React developers

We discussed the various factors that affect the hourly rates of the programmers. As said earlier in the article, the rates can vary according to the type of developer you wish to hire or depend on the many other factors mentioned before. Check out the table below to learn about the charges you will have to pay per hour.

Types of React.js developersAverage hourly rates
Basic front-end and back-end14.13 EUR to 47.10 EUR
Intermediate – advanced front-end and back-end32.96 EUR to 94.19 EUR
Full stack28.25 EUR to 141.26 EUR

1. Basic front-end and back-end developers

The programmers who work on the basic front-end development have an average hourly rate of 14.13 EUR to 47.10 EUR. They primarily work on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based projects and use mobile libraries like React.js/Redux and React Native. 

The hourly rate for back-end programming is the same as for entry-level front-end programmers. They work with MySQL databases as well as Node.js, Express, Lambda functions, and other back-end fundamentals.

2. Intermediate-advanced front-end and back-end developers

In addition to React programming, these front-end React programmers also work with JavaScript frameworks like Angular, CSS preprocessors like LESS/SASS, and CSS frameworks like Foundation. The average hourly rates of intermediate-advanced front-end programmers range from 32.96 EUR to 94.19 EUR. 

It is the same rate for the intermediate-advanced back-end developer. Back-end JavaScript frameworks like Meteor.js and server environments like AWS (Amazon Web Services) are used in the projects they work on.

3. Full stack developer

The charge for hiring full-stack programmers ranges from 28.25 EUR to 141.26 EUR. They work on projects that require expertise in both front-end and back-end technology.

The article covered the various facets of pricing for React programmers. When hiring them, consider these factors to ensure they can deliver high-quality deliverables on time. It is important to consider the factors that affect the cost and the abilities of the programmers you intend to work with. Make use of the information wisely.

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