What does mobile app development in India cost?

What does mobile app development in India cost?


Planning to build a mobile app, but would like to know more about the cost of app development? Before planning to hire a team for building the app, it is important to figure out the purpose behind building one. Is it a basic app to educate your users about your products and services or is it going to be a very complex app with AI or Artificial Intelligence?  

Artificial Intelligence is integrated into mobile applications these days and this trend is likely to grow and become really popular in the coming years. You will find AI infused into most commonly used apps because it would help businesses come up with personal recommendations, predictive analysis and NLP or Natural Language Processing. The purpose of these apps would be to enhance user experience. So when you are building an app make sure you are aware of the various features you need along with it 

What you need to consider while developing a mobile application

Do you know how many thousands of apps are getting released each week? App Store and Google play store are two of the most common platforms used by businesses for launching their applications. And it is practically impossible to run a business without an app, so you can rule that option out. Just developing an app and then launching it on the market would be like a drop in the ocean. At least for the target segment. Why should you build an app that would pretty much look like everyone else’s? It has to be different and unique, right? And for that you need the right team, the perfect resources and a diligent quality assurance team. Since you are embarking on developing your own mobile application, it would be good to know the app breakdown costs.

The breakdown of app development costs

The cost of mobile app development must not be a hurdle when you look at the costs, but that shouldn’t deter you from building one too.  

The complexity of the app

So what kind of an app are you going to build? If you are looking for a basic app that doesn’t require too many features, you can hire a team of developers with simple programming language skills. You might need just a small team to develop the app, and the hourly rate of a developer from India will start from $18 and go up to $40 or more depending on what kind of features you need incorporated on the app. 

The simple app development cost would take around 2-5 months, for the basic features and for it to be in the market. The cost of a simple application might hover between $10,000 and $60,000. The basic features app will have simple login profiles, dashboard, and limited administrative rights. 

The complex app will have a number of other features like sensor usage, geolocation, tracking, ads, offline mode, data logic, multi-lingual support and more. This may take a longer time to build, about 10 months or even longer, and you can incorporate the latest features like AI, ML and so on. You can build a complex app from around $30000 upwards. 

If you don’t want a simple app and cannot afford to have a full fledged complex app, then you can choose the medium level where you have some level of controls and integrations like social media management, payment gateway integrations, audio-video streaming etc. The price for a medium-level app can begin from somewhere around $50000 when you hire a team from India. 

The choice of platforms

Obviously, the cost of iOS app development is much higher than other platforms. The rate of development starts from $30000-$80000, whereas you can develop an Android application for just under $7000. And the choice of programming languages also matters. You can use React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, or any other and the price will vary accordingly. And of course, the charges will vary according to the expertise of the developer too.

The type of app

There are mainly three types of apps that can be released in the market – native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. You obviously might know the difference between these apps. Native apps operate on native operating systems, so their codes cannot be exchanged with other platforms. Then you have web apps which can be accessed via web browsers, which are much cheaper to develop when compared to native apps. They are easier to customise too. And hybrid apps carry the best features of both native apps and web apps. The cost of native apps can go to an average of $10000 and web apps cheaper at less than $10000 and hybrid apps can be more costly, ranging between $10000 and $50000. 

Location of the team

The cost of app development will also depend on the location of the team. Countries like India, Ukraine, Philippines offer economical rates for excellent quality work. Freelancers might have limited resources, but they will be able to help you with basic applications. If you are looking for a developer team with deep technical knowledge, you can partner with a software development company in one of these countries to make a feasible project. 

Few factors that can affect the cost of app development

IT and Infrastructure – If you are getting your own IT development team, then the costs could be on the higher end. You have to go through the hiring process, invest in the servers, equipment and other infrastructure like data security, cloud storage and so on. The costs will vary greatly.

Maintenance – Once the app is released into the market, the cost of maintenance will be incurred on a regular basis. With a good IT development team, you can go ahead with future upgrades, future integrations and so on. 

Launch charges – Where are you planning to publish your mobile application? Is it going to be featured on all major mobile platforms? The charges will vary accordingly. 

If you can outsource your mobile app development project to an agency that specialises in such projects, that would be a great idea. They would be aware of the latest techniques and trends on app development, and will be able to integrate AI and NLP into your application, and will be able to release your product much faster and definitely much cheaper. 


The demand for mobile applications is still high. If you have ever felt that mobile apps are in decline, there’s no cause for worry, because apps help promote your business and there is nothing like a well-built modern mobile application that can help promote your business.  It would also be a good idea to get a team of developers that has sufficient experience in their field because they can devise cost-effective measures to release your app, and reuse codes wherever necessary. 

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